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Woodville Tree

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Business Type: Town mascot


The Woodville Tree sculpture references the history and feel of the town. The artist is Bodhi Vincent. The 4-metre-tall sculpture features wood, glass and steel, which Vincent said made the project more interesting to work on.

Address: 42 Vogel Street, Woodville Manawatu, Whanganui


Vincent said his design incorporated themes from Tiffany lamps, but Woodville's pioneering background and links to forestry stood out. It's likely to be quite "organic" in its construction. "The way I work, I don't use a slide ruler; it's more done by the eye."

The tree provides a sanctuary and resting place for the community and travellers alike, an opportunity for people to contemplate their surroundings within the wider context of the Tararua and Ruahine Ranges. 

The rose in the centre of the tree was brought to New Zealand on a ship by Mrs Anne Elizabeth Elliott in 1875, the rose cutting was gifted to the town by one the youngest residents – Pearl Cunningham to preserve local history.

Source: Carole Wilton (Woodville iSite Manager) and Stuff


Next to iSite building.

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Woodville Tree

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