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Business Type: Scottish history


Waipu is a small town in Bream Bay, in the Northland Region of New Zealand, with a Scottish heritage.

Address: 36 The Centre, Waipu, New Zealand Northland



Waipu is a small town in Bream Bay, in the Northland Region of New Zealand, with a Scottish heritage.

A highlight of the town's calendar is the annual Highland Games held at New Year.
Just outside the town are the Waipu Caves, which contain a significant population of glow worms.

Waipu was the centre of a significant Presbyterian settlement led by Rev. Norman McLeod, a Presbyterian Minister who led his people from the Highlands of Scotland to New Zealand via Pictou and St. Ann's in Nova Scotia and Australia.

Five shiploads containing over 800 settlers arrived at Waipu in the 1850s.

Source: Wikipedia


Half way between Auckland and the Bay of Islands

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