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Village Milk, Marton Bulls

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Business Type: Farm


Rudolf’s family has milked cows since at least 1808, and his father milked cows for 55 years. From this upbringing Rudolf is no stranger to the benefits of drinking Real Milk.

Address: 1448 Wellington Road, Marton Manawatu, Whanganui

Phone: view phone+6463277963



After completing University (agricultural study with a major in dairy farming) Rudolf went off on his OE to New Zealand to work as a farmhand for a year. He knew straight away he wanted to come back and farm here.

On returning to the Netherlands Rudolf met Carlie, and together they immigrated to New Zealand in 2005. Initially settling in the Waikato Rudolf and Carlie started off as farmhands, herd manager, to low order share milking. This was all new and exciting for them both to farm in a new environment, but especially Carlie who always had a love for cows, but started dairy farming when she met Rudolf. In 2008 they started contract milking 1000 cows in Marton and trading beef cattle off their 91ha run off. They made the decision to sell this and join Village Milk early 2014.

Rudolf and Carlie have 3 children and after being brought up on raw milk themselves in the Netherlands, they are excited they can share this to their kids. “Farming is our biggest hobby. We love working with cows, and in joining Village Milk we can do what we love and share something we are proud of with our community, rather than sending it off to a factory.”

Rudolf and Carlie have worked with all sorts of dairy farm systems, both here and in Europe, but the emphasis was always on quantity, not quality. This is something they were never been 100% happy about.

On meeting Mark and Phillippa Houston and visiting the Village Milk farm in Takaka they could see their passion for the animals, farm and product. “The approach they have towards farming, caring for the land and cows is exactly how we would like to see it. With Village Milk we can produce clean, safe and the highest quality Real Milk for our community”

The farm is 30.5 ha and Rudolf and Carlie will have a herd of 34 cows - mixed, with a few Jerseys, but mostly Fresians and Fresian-cross. Carlie loves the different characters that each cow has as well as watching them and the serenity they have in the paddocks. In her spare time (which isn’t often with 3 little ones) she loves to paint cows.

With the milking shed built in the middle of the farm, customers will be able to see where the milk comes from.

Hours of work

Mon - Sun: 5.00 am - 9.00 pm


1448 Wellington Road, Marton

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Village Milk, Marton Bulls

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