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Village Milk, Greymouth

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Business Type: Farm


We fell in love with the farm here the first time we saw it and knew it would be a wonderful place to settle. We have 57 hectares right on the coast, with the sea on one side and bush on the other.

Address: 26 North Beach Road, Cobden, Greymouth Fox Glacier & West Coast

Phone: view phone+6437680018



Colin's been in dairy farming for 42 years - his parents were also dairy farmers on the West Coast.

In the past, at other properties, we've had as many as 500 cows at a time. We've always taken pride in what we do and back in 2006, we were really proud to be awarded 2006 West Coast/Top of the South Share-milkers of the Year. We were in Barrytown at the time and had 360 cows, sharing the income from milk sales with the owner of the land.

We were really excited about the award.  It looks at all areas of the business, from animal health to pasture quality, and dairy hygiene, which is very important to us. We always say that if we can't drink it ourselves we won't put it in the vat. The award was a real achievement as we always work hard for top results and it was a great feeling to have that recognised. We supplied to Westlands for 17 years, had an excellent record and it was great to represent the Coast in the nationals. 

We are passionate about dairy farming and love the lifestyle and when we heard about Village Milk we thought what a great idea it was. We just believe like the Houston’s do that milk quality and nutrition is what raw milk is all about.

At our farm here, we've moved away from milking the big numbers, which means there's more chance to really get to know the cows.

We love breeding them and have a herd of 32, mainly Friesians, with a sprinkling of Jersey. They have really wonderful personalities. I know we're biased but we think they're absolutely beautiful and love every single one of them.

Our house is full of ornaments of cows and the walls full of pictures of our own. I like to paint cows on tiles in my spare time.  When Colin gets spare time he likes to go cycling, hunting and working.

Customers coming to the farm will not only be able to fill up their milk bottles but get a slice of history too. The old cow shed where the dispensing machine will be is at least 70 years old, probably more. We've restored the old wrought iron pillars and have more restoration work planned.

We'll do some more research but already know the farm dates back to the 1800s and have some photos of the milking shed and original farmhouse from many, many years ago. Eventually we plan to put together a folder to document the history and changes that've been made over the years so that people can browse through when they call in.

We love being able to have real milk and feel privileged to now have the opportunity to share it with other people too. Raw milk has a special taste to it - it's got way more flavour, is more natural and we believe, is far better for you.  

We're looking forward to getting to know our customers. We both like meeting new people and were only 3km from the middle of Greymouth, and the drive is along a sealed road, with the final short part gravel, so we're easy to get to.

We'll welcome those who'd like to meet the cows. We're a big, happy, blended family - we married 17 years ago - and have 15 grandchildren between us, so the herd is used to having children around.

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26 North Beach Road, Cobden, Greymouth

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Village Milk, Greymouth

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