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Tomarata Lake

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There are a number of small freshwater dune lakes on the coast near Wellsford with Tomarata Lake having a well formed walking track along the seaward side.

Address: Atkins Road, Te Arai, Auckland Auckland North & West


Tomarata is the second smallest lake that is monitored and is only about 300m wide and 600m long. More than 90% of the lake is over 4m deep. The land to the north and east is covered by mature exotic forest, although much of this has been felled recently. The land to the south and west is covered by extensive swampy wetlands, with pastureland beyond that is used mostly for dairying. The wetlands provide an important habitiat for bittern, the shy fernbird, and possibly the banded rail. Native black mudfish were also discovered in the wetlands in September 2004. These had not been seen in the area for over 50 years. There are no obvious streams or rivers flowing into or out of the lake. The lake water is quite brown, due to the amount of peaty organic material from the wetlands. In 1999 a survey of the vegetation around the lake found the rare wire rush, previously thought to be extinct in the Auckland region. Other native vegetation included two types of sedge, raupo, and umbrella fern, with manuka further from the shoreline. Native submerged aquatic plants were established up to water depths of about 6.5m. Lake Tomarata is a popular recreation site and is easily accessible. There is a boat ramp at the lake, as well as BBQ and picnic tables, changing facilities and toilets. The eastern side has small sandy beaches and provides safe swimming for young children. Lake Tomarata is a dune lake. It used to be much larger. The extensive swampy wetlands around the lake shows the extent of the original lake. The water in the lake accumulates from rainfall and seepage from the surrounding catchment area through the sandy lake bottom and wetlands. (Auckland Regional Council)


About 21 km NE from Wellsford (SH1), 25-30 min drive.
1. Head north on State Highway 1 toward El Hama Rd - 7 km
2. Turn right onto Mangawhai Rd (signs for Tomarata) - 8km
3. Turn right onto School Rd - 2 km
4. School Rd turns slightly left and becomes Oceanview Rd - 3km
5. Turn right onto Atkins Rd, in about 1.5 km turn right toward Tomarata Lake.

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By itravelnz on Flickr

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  • By  <a href=> itravelnz </a> on <a href=>Flickr</a>

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