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Three Sisters and The Elephant

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These towering rocks are one of Taranaki

Address: Clifton Road, Tongaporutu, New Zealand New Plymouth,Taranaki


At low tide take a stroll along the beach to see the 25m tall pinnacles known as the Three Sisters and Elephant Rock, and old Maori rock carvings in hidden caves.

Three Sisters and the Elephant These towering rocks are one of Taranaki’s best-known landmarks, and good for a photo opportunity. You’ll have to walk around the point from the beach so make sure it’s low tide when you leave.

There are some fascinating old Maori rock drawings as well, including a six-toed foot! The walk takes 20mins, so no hard work here. Park your car just south of the Tongaporutu Bridge, then walk towards the beach along the riverside, and head around the point.

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At low tide you can walk alongside the river and around the point to find the formations.


Clifton Road, Tongaporutu, Northern Taranaki

For great views of the Three Sisters, turn down Pilot Road, which is on the seaward side of State Highway 3 north of the Tongaporutu Bridge. If you want to get down on the sand with the formations, turn off South Highway 3 down Clifton Road, which is south of the Tongaporutu Bridge.

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Three Sisters and The Elephant

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