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Taiaroa Head Lighthouse

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The cape is home to a lighthouse, built in 1864.

Address: Harington Point Road, Harington Point, Otago Dunedin & Otago


As you make your way around the point into the harbour of the Otago Peninsula off the South Island of New Zealand, you will come across the Taiaroa Head Lighthouse that sits high on a steep rock cliff.

Back in the 1850's many ships that sailed the waters of the Otago Peninsula would search for the entrance of the harbour for many days and it was finally decided that a lighthouse was needed at this point.

A light was found for this point and brought to the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand in 1863 and in 1865, after two years of planning and construction the light was lit in the Taiaroa Head Lighthouse.

It was a red light so that vessels could tell the difference from the lighthouse at the point of Cape Saunders and the Taiaroa Head.


Taiaroa Head is a headland at the end of the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand, overlooking the mouth of the Otago Harbour.
Up on a high cliff on a point around Otago Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand you will find Taiaroa Head Lighthouse.

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Taiaroa Head Lighthouse

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