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Nugget Point

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Business Type: Scenic Reserve


If you want a camera full of amazing wildlife pictures, make sure you visit Nugget Point. Dramatic coastal views, seals, penguins and other seabirds.

Address: The Nuggets Road, Ahuriri Flat, Otago, New Zealand Dunedin & Otago


A five-ten minute, well-maintained pathway suits all ages and leads to a viewing platform beside the lighthouse where you'll enjoy amazing views along the coastline in both directions – great seascapes!
The area is rich in wildlife; several seabird species nest on the rock stacks. Nugget Point is also home to sea lions, sooty shearwaters, shags, yellow-eyed penguins, spoonbills and a breeding colony of gannets. Occasionally, elephant and leopard seals visit the area. If you watch the water for a while, you might see Hector's dolphins.

From Nugget Point it's an easy walk to Roaring Bay, where you can hide and wait for yellow-eyed penguins. Early morning or sunset are the best times for viewing.

If you look down onto the rocks directly below the lighthouse, you'll see fur seals lolling about, playing in rock pools and generally having fun. Bring binoculars for close-up viewing of this breeding colony.

Source:, itravelNZ,
Images: Stewart BairdDan Taylor-Watt , Ben, Kathrin & Stefan Marks FLICKR


The Nuggets Road, Ahuriri Flat, Otago, New Zealand

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Nugget Point

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