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Mt Victoria Tunnel

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Business Type: 623m long and 5m high


Mount Victoria Tunnel - this short but vital road tunnel

Address: Paterson Street, Wellington, New Zealand Wellington & Surrounds


Built in just 15 months at 623m long and 5m high it was opened in October 1931.

It was the first tunnel built in New Zealand to be mechanically ventilated.

Mount Victoria Tunnel running through a mountain of the same name accommodates pedestrians and cyclists using an elevated ramp on the northern side of the road.
Initially it was estimated that there would be 4000 cars per day and 2000 pedestrians, but in 1980 there were 25,000 cars per day and by 1995 this had risen to 33,000 per week day, though the pedestrian count has dropped.

Trolley bus wires were installed in January 1959 but were mostly used in emergencies or bypass routes and were removed again around 1989.
Light-coloured plastic panels were installed in 1995 in response to concerns about the sub-standard level of lighting in the tunnel, and these are periodically cleaned to ensure that they reflect light effectively.

In 2011-2012 a false concrete ceiling was removed, and improved ventilation and a powerful sprinkler system were installed.


Paterson Street, Wellington

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Mount Victoria Tunnel

Mount Victoria Tunnel

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  • Mount Victoria. Wellington.

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