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Auckland Harbour Bridge

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The four-lane bridge was built across the narrowest part of Auckland Harbour, between St Marys Bay on the city side and Northcote Point on the North Shore. It took four years to complete.

Address: Auckland City Auckland City


The Auckland Harbour Bridge was built between 1955 and 1959 with four lanes but was soon overwhelmed with traffic. Two Japanese-designed, dual-lane, steel box extensions were added in 1969 and dubbed the ‘Nippon clip-ons’ but demand continues to outpace the bridge’s capacity. Plans for another bridge or a tunnel across the Waitemata Harbour are under consideration. 

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The bridge is 1020m long and has 7 spans. Each span is identified by a letter, A at the north end to G at the south end. The navigation span, B, is 243.8m with a 43.3m clearance at high water.

There are in fact two bridges, A to C 597.4m long and D to F 422.2m long. There is a 1.7m long toothed expansion joint between them, clearly visible in the roadway, but no structural connection.

The 12.8m wide roadway passes through the 14.7m wide spans A, B and C. The roadway is above the 9.9m wide spans D to F.

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Auckland Harbour Bridge

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