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White Island

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Business Type: Most Active Island Volcan


White Island is an active volcano 48km of the east coast of the North Island. The island, near to circular is approximately 2km in diameter and 321m above sea level....

Address: 15 The Strand East, Whakatane, new Zealand Tauranga, Bay of Plenty


Part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone the nearest mainland towns are Tauranga and Whakatane.

White Island is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano and has a low alert level 1, according to GeoNet NZ. Easy access attracts scientists and volcanologists worldwide.

Main activities on the island are guided tours and research.

Visitors cannot land without permission or move/disturb wildlife, must take all rubbish – leaving only footprints.

The waters surrounding the island are known for their fishing – charter fishing tours along with tours to the island by sea and helicopter are available.


White Island Whakatane

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