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Little Farm Cheese Company

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Business Type: Cheese Company


Andrea and Lyndal have a combined 20 years experience making cheese and raising goats and sheep. Their passion to share their cheeses is what inspired Little Farm Cheese Company. The cheeses are small batch hand crafted cheeses.

Address: 531 Mill Rd, Ohoka 7692, New Zealand Christchurch & Canterbury


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Andrea breeds and milks Toggenburg Dairy goats and New Zealand's unique rare breed Rawhiti goats. Lyndal breeds and milks mixed dairy goats and East Freisian sheep.

Once upon a time at a country agricultural and pastoral day in Canterbury, two goat enthusiasts met. Both were passionate about their animals, their connection to the land and the bounty therefrom. Andrea milked Toggenburgs, a New Zealand minority breed, and made a variety of cheeses from the milk. She also looked after some Rawhiti goats, a New Zealand feral breed. Lyndal had just acquired her first dairy goats, with a view to milking and making cheese at home, after spending time in France learning to make fresh goat cheese. Between the two of them, they have 20 years experience making cheese from the milk of animals they have bred and raised themselves. Lyndal has recently branched into milking East Friesian sheep, transforming their rich milk into beautifully aged Pecorino.

A happy coincidence in the winter of this year has made a long-held dream come true for both of us in the form of a shipping container cheese factory. It has needed some upgrades to suit our plans, but considering the containers landed in Oxford on the 22nd August, it's now just early December and all the paperwork is nearly ready for submission to the proper authorities. We're just around the corner from being able to share our cheeses with our community. And who knows, maybe even further afield!


531 Mill Rd, Ohoka 7692, New Zealand

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Little Farm Cheese Company

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