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Lake Grassmere

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Business Type: Salties lake


Lake Grassmere’s fascinating and alien landscape is a working salt works. But in summer, these ponds are an unique sight – full of pink colour that comes from the algae and brine shrimps that live in salty water.

Address: Lake Grassmere Road, Blenheim, Marlborough Picton, Marlborough


Started during the Second World War by Christchurch businessman George Skellerup, salt works located at Lake Grassmere become a major salt producer in New Zealand. Now, some 60000-70000 tonnes of salt are harvested from Lake Grassmere each year.  

The sea water first is pumped into the 688 hectare main lake throughout summer, then moved from pond to pond while salt concentration increases during water vaporising under natural sun and wind and, at the end, gets into crystallization ponds. The crystallised salt is then scooped up, washed, and stacked in huge piles for delivery.  

Interesting, that, while Lake Grassmere has been modified, it still offers good bird watching opportunities.


Lake Grassmere Road, Blenheim, Marlborough.
From SH 1 follow Marfells Beach Rd to the end. South side of Lake Grassmere. 40 km south of Blenheim.

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