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Kiwi sculpture

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Business Type: Driftwood Sculpture

Price: Free


This is the Town icon of National Park Village. A Driftwood Kiwi

Address: National Park Village, New Zealand Taupo & Tongariro


The Sculptures are made with New Zealand native hard wood driftwood.
Some of the driftwood may be as old as the Taupo eruption.

They are constructed using galvanized tech roofing screws.

When the sculptures are over a certain size where the weight cannot be safely supported by its legs, a galvanized steel frame is used.

How long the sculptures will last is uncertain but if oiled with the Forestwood deck oil every year and the screws are tightened as required. I would think they will outlast the screws. The screws have a rough life of between 25-50 years depending on the conditions.

The sculptures take different lengths of time to complete. Sometimes things go smoothly sometimes very slowly.

Artwork by artist Jack Marsden Mayer

About the Artist

My name is Jack Marsden Mayer I am from Manchester, England now living in New Zealand. I attended Gordonstoun International School where I studied Sculpture. Then I spent a lot of time traveling until I ended up in New Zealand.

At the moment I am living in a small village in the centre of the North Island, Raurimu part of the Ruapehu district.

I have been working with Driftwood since I arrived in New Zealand in 2008. I am currently working on a project The "Forgotten World" a prehistoric sculpture park in the grounds of Wades Landing Lodge.

The park will consist of a 5 meter by 7 meter fire breathing dragon and most of the animals of New Zealand. They will be displayed in a purpose built park planted with the more prehistoric looking native plants.

Project Website:
Blog: Animal Driftwood Sculptures


National Part Village, Ruapehu, New Zealand

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Kiwi sculpture

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