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Karekare Beach

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Karekare Beach

Address: Lone Kauri Road, Karekare, Waitakere, Auckland. Auckland North & West


Ever seen the Oscar winning film, ‘The Piano’ starring a young Anna Pacquin (of True Blood fame)?

Then you may recognize the black sand and vista of Karekare Beach, where some scenes were shot for the iconic movie.

Located 45 minutes drive from downtown Auckland, Karekare is one of the so-called ‘Wild West’s’ gems.

The sands are volcanic and the view? Absolutely unforgettable. People come here for the surf and the solitude. Lap it up!

Tip: Karekare is also the site of a notable Waitakere waterfall - Karekare falls.
The falls are just a half mile up the valley from the beach, on Company Stream.
It’s just a short walk from the road down the track to the foot of the falls themselves.


Lone Kauri Road, Karekare, Waitakere, Auckland.
Park at the second car park on Karekare Road, walk over the small bridge and the track to falls is on your left. It

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