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Hot Water Beach

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Business Type: Hottest beach


One of New Zealand best known beach. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Address: Hot Water Beach Road, Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Coromandel


Hot Water Beach is situated on the North Islands beautiful Coromandel Peninsula – world renowned for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking scenery.

Hotwater Beach – If you didn’t know, you’d wonder why all the locals are armed with spades, but that’s a sure sign you should have one too! That’s how you create your own private spa pool, so dig deep, and reap the rewards of your effort.

The natural hot springs at Hot Water Beach can only be found either side of the low tide (about two hours each way), so check the tides before you go or you’ll be disappointed. Dig your toes in and when you smell that giveaway sulphur smell, go for it with the spade! There’s fierce competition for the prime spots, so be prepared to defend your stronghold!

The surrounding area with jaw-dropping scenery – if you have time to explore more thoroughly will not disappoint. To spend less time digging and more time soaking – be prepared – take a spade or scoop for digging, also a bucket to collect ocean water to cool down your pool.

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Low tide


Hot Water Beach Road, Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula.

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