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Hamilton Lake Domain

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Business Type: Picnic Area


Hamilton Lake Domain has a long history as one of Hamilton’s premiere parks. It is a significant recreational facility for residents of Hamilton City and beyond within walking distance from the CBD.

Address: Ruakiwi Road, Hamilton, New Zealand Hamilton & Waikato


Hamilton Lake Domain or Lake Rotoroa has a surface area of about 54 hectares and an average depth of 2.4 metres.

Small sailing boats and canoes are frequently seen on the lake.

The 3.8 km scenic path around the lake makes it a suitable venue for walking and running. There are also short bush walks and a small golf green on the west side of the lake. There are water fountains at the playground at the north west side of the lake and also at Innes Common.

Near the cafe, a shelter covers the old locomotive, F230, donated in 1957.

Lake Rotoroa algae
Over the last few years, potentially toxic algae have become esta​blished in the water of Lake Rotoroa, in Hamilton Lake Domain.

It is a natural phenomenon which can occur in any lake with sufficient nutrients to support it. In certain conditions, the bacterial counts increase, meaning the lake water becomes unsafe.

The algae can cluster on the surface forming foamy scums, which can be seen near the shoreline in locations around the lake.

You may have noticed these, and Hamilton City Council strongly advises you not to touch them. The foaming scums have the appearance of pollution and can be vividly coloured at times, causing an unpleasant odour as they decay.

When levels are high, Council installs warning signage, and strongly advises residents to keep themselves and their dogs away from the water and the lake shoreline.

Sourse: Wikipedia  Hamilton Council


Ruakiwi Road, Hamilton, Waikato.

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