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Evansdale Cheese

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Business Type: Artisan Cheese Factory


Cheese - One of the World's Oldest Foods. A concentrated source of protein, vitamins and minerals, cheese is a nutritious food made from the milk of cows and other mammals and one of the world's oldest foods.

Address: 4 Duncan Ave, Hawksbury Village, 9471 Waikouaiti Dunedin & Otago

Phone: view phone+6434658101


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Evansdale Cheese - Artisan Cheese Producer

Mass produced cheeses lack the charm, delicacy and appeal of a hand made cheese. Interest in price, shelf life, and uniformity of flavour are the very opposite of fine cheeses made in small quantities by artisan producers.

Artisan producers such as Evansdale Cheese who now make the best cheeses, doing as little as possible to interfere with nature and with more interest in preserving the flavour of the elements within the milk, in order to produce a cheese of character.

Evansdale Cheese, recognizing that cheeses thrive on care and consideration, look after and mature their cheeses so that you can enjoy them at their best.


4 Duncan Ave, Hawksbury Village, 9471 Waikouaiti

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Evansdale Cheese

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