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Elachi Indian Restaurant

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Our restaurant is like an Indian Journey from the shores of the Konkan and Kerala to the plains of Punjab through the diverse cuisines of Gujarath and Rajasthan. We at Elaichi offer the best of Indian kitchen.

Address: 5 Athol Street, Queenstown, Otago Queenstown & Wanaka

Phone: view phone+64 3 442 6026



The quality of food has been a direct result of the high standards of quality control maintained under the direct supervision of the dynamic proprietor of Elaichi’s Mrs Shweta Gaurav Naik who also has high regard for hygiene.

While Butter Chicken gives the much needed nostalgic feeling of India, the Prawn and Fish curry lends the essentially Goan flavour. The Rogan Josh is another lip smacking delight which is a Lamb Speciality. Basmati Ka Khajana which is Various preparation of Rice, combined along with either Vegetables or Lamb and Chicken, a delicacy which is a Royal part of Elaichi's menu.

Cardamom spice was used in cooking by the Ancient Greeks, then by the Romans, through the middle ages and up to today. It is thought that cardamom was brought back to Europe from its native country, India, by soldier of Alexander the Great. Once in Europe, Cardamom became popular for medicinal ailments such as aiding digestion and as a stimulant. Today Cardamom is mostly used as a spice, and has a unique name in many countries, but it is especially popular in India and is called Elaichi. If you are unable to come here, all you have to do is to call us and we deliver the food right at your door step.

Elaichi is the place where the New Zealand meets up India.


Elaichi 16-42 Beach Street,Ground Floor of SKY Casino Building, Straton House, Behind Sushi Box, Queenstown

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Elachi Indian Restaurant

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