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Egmont National Park

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Egmont National Park is an area of unique rainforests and alpine scenery. It provides opportunities for walks, tramps, picnics, photography, skiing, mountaineering, rockclimbing and generally enjoying the variety of scenery and habitats.

Address: 2879 Egmont Rd, Taranaki, New Zealand New Plymouth,Taranaki

Phone: view phone+64 6 756 0990



Location Egmont National Park is situated in the west of the North Island, about halfway between Wellington and Auckland. Unlike other national parks in New Zealand, it is surrounded by a well-developed and densely settled agricultural landscape. The park is a mountainous area that encompasses three volcanic cones.

The main peak of Mount Taranaki (2,518 metres above sea level) forms the nucleus of the park. It is the most recent and only active volcanic peak in the park, although it is now considered dormant. Because it is considered one of the most symmetrical mountains in the world, it is a very distinctive landmark. The other two volcanic cones, which are now extinct, form the basis of the Pouakai and Kaitake Ranges in the north-western part of the park.

History Taranaki is linked by legend to the mountains of the central North Island. It is said that Taranaki carved out the bed of the Whanganui River on a tragic flight from its ancestral home to the east. Today Taranaki is still venerated and its summit is sacred to the tangata whenua of the area. Vegetation Egmont National Park is important nationally because it contains a diverse range of vegetation that has developed in an environment of frequent volcanic activity.

The vegetation ranges from semi-coastal and montane forest to tussocklands, alpine and scree communities. The vegetation changes in a remarkably short rise in altitude compared to other places.

Egmont National Park Visitor Centre
Phone:          +64 6 756 0990

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North Egmont Visitor Centre
8am-4pm Daily
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Egmont National Park, Taranaki, New Zealand

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Egmont National Park

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