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Blissful, Howick

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Business Type: Health & Vegetarian Shop


Mediterraneo is a certified AsureQuality AdvantageTM Approved Supplier.

Address: Gooch Place, Howick, New Zealand Auckland South & East

Phone: view phone+ 64 9 533 9390



The goals of our company are very simple as one, two, three:

One : Promote the new century diet movement.

We carried lots of different vegetarian products with low calories, low cholesterol, and high in fiber.

We understood the needs for people to choose a more healthy diet. According to the newest released Time magazine, over 30% of the total vegetarian population they choose vegetarian diet simply just because they want to improve their health condition.??

Two : Animal and environmental harmony.

No Animal product is used by us, and also in the Vege.

Kingdom we are likely to consume less resource from the Earth.

For instance, it takes 17 kilos of corn, beans, grain, etc to produce one kilo of beef in feedlot cattle.

About 70% of crops grown in the US are fed to animals and not to humans.

Three : Exotic gourmet cuisine. ?

Being a healthy dieter or a vegetarian dieter doesn't mean we have to give up the luxurious taste of food.

We carries lots of great choices of products to feed  not only our body as well as our mind .

Products like: Vegetarian Ham, Vege. Nugget, Vege. Steak, Vege Burger, Vege Finger food,Vege sausage, Vege.Petty, etc.

With the help of our exotic gourmet products, you can easily turn your home kitchen into a restaurant in minutes.??

Come and see us in every major Asian supermarket, or visit our shops located in Howick, Meadowland and Mt Albert New North Road. 

Hours of work

Mon - Frid...10:00 am ~ 6:30 pm
Sat..............10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Sun.............10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm


C9, 15 Gooch Place, Howick, Auckland

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Blissful, Howick

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