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Biggest Harbour

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Business Type: Kaipara Harbour


Kaipara Harbour - New Zealands biggest harbour and by area also one of the largest in the world. On New Zealands wild west coast the treacherous conditions at the harbour entrance make the head of the harbour extremely hostile....

Address: South Head, Helensville Auckland North & West


Kaipara Harbour runs 60km north to south with several large arms extending into its interior.

Covering 947 square km at high tide – at low tide 409 square km are exposed as mudflats and sand flats.

At the harbour entrance – a channel from the Tasman Sea, large waves break over the sandbanks.

The movement of the sandbanks creates treacherous conditions and is responsible for claiming at least 43 vessels – more than any other place in New Zealand.

This area is known locally as ‘the graveyard’.

With 125 square km of mangrove forest the harbour has a productive marine ecosystem.

Much of the New Zealand fishing industry depends on mangrove forests as an important part of the food chain.

Needless to say good fishing is available within the harbour – also popular for pleasure craft and sea kayaking.


South Head, Helensville

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