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Punakaiki Pancake Rocks

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Business Type: Hardest "Pancake"


Never have rock formations been named more aptly – these remarkable natural sculptures look exactly like giant stacks of pancakes, so best have breakfast before you head here, they may well give you an appetite!

Address: Paunakaiki, Greymouth, New Zealand Fox Glacier & West Coast



Formed 30 million years ago, the limestone rocks here are one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions, and you won’t be disappointed you made the trip to Punakaiki to see them for yourself.

There’s stone steps and boardwalks taking you to the best viewing spots, and look out for the spectacular blowholes – at their best when the weather is wild.

Just a 20min loop walk takes you to these unique formations that began forming 30 million years ago.

In the right conditions you can hear the heavy ocean swell thunder through the caverns below causing huge waterspouts to shoot skywards through the blowholes – a spectacular sight!


South Island west coast between Westport and Greymouth on highway 6.

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